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Malika Sqalli

Like a bird

Like a bird

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The freedom of flight - or the child like joy of rediscovering the world through a different angle. 

These whimsical art works tap in the inner child and innocence I crave and plug to as a lifeline in a world that has turned upside dow the past years.

Embroidery - paint on photo taken in freefall over Beni Mellal and the Atlas mountains  printed on Hahnemüle   17 x 25 cm


These lyrics come to mind from Indila's  "Derniere danse " 

" J'remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit
Je danse avec le vent, la pluie
Un peu d'amour, un brin de miel
Et je danse, danse, danse, danse, danse, danse, danse
Et je m'envole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole, vole '

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